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But the more conniving women will be more subtle in how they ask for things. For example, at the mall they may ask, which pair of shoes you like the best? Or do you think this would look good on me? Or she will tell you, I can’t do this activity with you because I don’t have the right clothes, for example, a swim suit for swimming. Or I lost my cell phone or my computer broke, so I can’t communicate with you regularly. Another form for conniving money from you is by saying they were robbed when they weren’t, and to add to their misfortune had more money on them than usual, because they were going to pay or buy something. Now, for example, they can’t pay their rent or buy school items for their child. Be suspicious of women who prefer you give them cash to pay for items instead of you paying for the item directly. For example, suppose you want to go on a trip when you arrive in Colombia, and you can buy the plane tickets for that trip online, but the woman says, if you send me the cash I can get a discount. Be concerned with any woman who loses the cash you give her to pay for a particular expense. Don’t accept any woman calling you cheap. None of these women will be as productive and hardworking as you have been in you life, and for such women to judge what someone else should be spending on them when they don’t have the capability to do the equivalent for others or themselves reveals a lack of class and character. Such a feeling of entitlement is not a positive indicator for the future. Whatever you give her is probably much more than anyone else is giving her. Women who are truly interested in you are not going to ask you for things directly or indirectly and will be sincerely appreciative of whatever you give them.